Big City Cost of Living

They say two things are inevitable: death and taxes. Perhaps there should be a third item on that list… inflation. As time marches on, so does the cost of living. Different regions of the country experience this growth in varied ways and Charlotte is no stranger to this. While our cost of living is drastically less than other major cities or West coast metropolises, where exactly do we fall? 

A recent study by Move.org looks at major U.S. cities and ranks their affordability. The study takes into account average rent costs and adds in costs for utilities, gas, groceries, and other necessities. Averages for the Queen City fall right at $2,150. These numbers come from an average one-bedroom apartment renting for $1,425 and other costs of living. 

Where Does Charlotte Rank?

Of the 75 cities featured in the study, this ranks Charlotte at #51 with the list showing the most expensive city at #1. This indicates that the cost of living is higher in Charlotte than only 24 other cities on the list and cheaper than fifty. 

It should come as no surprise that a West coast city takes the #1 spot: San Francisco, CA. It is followed by New York City at #2 and California’s Silicon Valley at #3. At the other end of the list is #73 Toledo, Ohio, #74 Lincoln, Nebraska, and the list’s cheapest city, #75 El Paso, Texas.

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