Charlotte Top City in Which to Retire?

On Tuesday, the U.S. News and World Report released their annual “Best Places to Retire” list. How did our Queen City fare? Read on!

Analyzing 125 metro regions throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, the study ranked Charlotte as the No. 32 on the list. U.S. News and World Report weight six different metrics, each holding their own weight in the ranking. They are as follows: happiness (22.44% of score); housing affordability (20.53%); health-care quality (18.79%); retiree taxes (14.82%); desirability (13%); and job market (10.42%). As reported by the Charlotte Business Journal.

These metrics are designed to give retirees a solid snapshot of what a city has to offer specifically related to their needs. 

One of Many 

Charlotte was not the only North Carolina city to make the list. In fact, two other NC cities cracked the top ten. Asheville and Winston-Salem claimed the No. 4 and No. 7 spots, respectively. Raleigh-Durham eked out ahead of Charlotte by taking the No. 28 ranking. Greensboro came in at No. 37. 

The only other state with more listings in the top 10 was, not unsurprisingly, Florida. 

This ranking comes just months after U.S. News rated Charlotte the No. 20 ‘Best Place to Live,’ regardless of age. 

To read the full list, visit U.S. News and World Report!

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