First Time Home Buyer Guide to Home Inspections

There’s perhaps nothing more nerve wracking than going through all the steps in purchasing your first home and having to tackle the unknowns of the home inspection. What if there’s something hiding beneath the surface that’s a deal breaker? What if there’s something unseen that will cost a lot to fix? What could go wrong? We’re here to tell you what could go RIGHT and to put you at ease.

At its core, an in-depth home inspection exists to protect the buyer. They may seem scary but they’re actually your best friend.

Don’t Scrimp

Hiring a home inspector is the responsibility of the buyer, and it’s not the time to try and find a deal. In this scenario, you really do get what you pay for so if you try to cut corners with cost, you may end up with an inspection that is not very thorough. Do research, ask for personal recommendations, and check credentials. You’ll want to find a licensed, insured inspector. Don’t select one based off of price alone but by what specialities they bring to the table.

Be Present

No, you’re not required to be present during the home inspection. Yes, you’ll receive a detailed report afterwards. However, there’s something to be said about attending the inspection. In fact, most inspectors actually enjoy getting to address issues with the buyer in real-time. Reading inspection reports isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and might get confusing. Being able to have potential problems explained when you’re standing right in front of it is much easier than deciphering a 50-page report.

Don’t think you’re being a bother. You hired the inspector- get your money’s worth!

Just Breathe

To be frank, your home inspector WILL find things that need to be fixed. It’s a given. Even brand spanking new construction with have items that need changed. This could be as simple as updating an electrical outlet or a small leak in a pipe. If you approach the inspection knowing that there will be minor things to fix, it’s easier to keep anxiety at bay.

However, even if the inspector finds a major issue (maybe an old roof, a foundation problem, or evidence of termites), big fixes aren’t a death sentence. Sellers also expect issues to arise from the inspection and may be amenable to covering those repairs, or coming to a mutual agreement. Lean on your real estate professional to listen to their sage advice.

We’re here to work for you and to make this often exhausting home buying process as seamless as possible.

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