How Charlotte Will Face the 2020 Census

In just a few short months, the entire country will be asked to participate in the 2020 national census. This process — occurring every ten years– tracks population numbers as well as helps to allocate federal monies for services. In decades past, census works went door to door with their clipboards. So, how will the 2020 census be different, and how will Charlotte be affected?

The First of its Kind 

For the first time ever, the 2020 census will be conducted online. In March 2020, every U.S. resident will receive a postcard with detailed instructions on how to complete the registration process online. Anyone with access to an internet connection can complete their form. This eliminates the door-to-door process as well as eliminates paper waste. 

As reported by The Charlotte Observer, eighty percent of U.S. homes will receive the postcard instructions. The other 20% will get a paper form in English and Spanish. Each household will receive four notices by mail about the census. But, if residents don’t respond, a census representative will still come to the door.

For those in Charlotte who need reliable internet access, community centers and libraries provide internet access for free. The Mecklenburg Public Library has 22 branches spread out all across the city. Residents can fill out the census on any of these computers, or at the computer banks at the county Department of Social Services. The process is still safe and confidential.

Check out The Charlotte Observer’s census coverage for more information on how Charlotte will be affected, how to get involved, or how to work for the 2020 census team.

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