Metro-to-Metro Movement

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According to a new study by CommercialCafe, more than 45 million americans moved households between 2017 and 2018. That represents about 15% of our entire population in a single year. Long have Americans been known for moving around, but this statistic firmly cements Americans as the “movingest” nation. We move more than any other country in the world. 

With populations constantly ebbing and flowing, one has to wonder: where are people moving? This particular study by CommercialCafe focused on metro-to-metro migration. That is, people that move from one major metropolitan area to another. They didn’t look at people moving from the country or to a small town, only big cities. Did Charlotte make the list?

In a word: Yes

Again, the numbers represented in this particular study represent only those who moved to a city from another major metropolitan area. The top ten cities for metro-to-metro migration are as follows: 

10. Tampa, FL: gaining 17,603 people
9. Nashville, TN: gaining 18,349 people
8. Las Vegas, NV: gaining 19,836 people
7. Charlotte, NC: gaining 21,143 people 
6. Orlando, FL: gaining 22,608 people
5. Austin, TX: gaining 26,733 people
4. Dallas-Forth Worth, TX: gaining 30,639 people
3. Houston, TX: gaining 32,821 people
2. Inland Empire, CA: gaining 35,022 people
1. Phoenix, AZ: gaining 42,869 people. 

As you can see, Charlotte came in No. 7 on the list. CommercialCafe cites Charlotte’s popularity with millenials as a major factor. The study is quoted as saying, “Management, business, and financial jobs [here] grew by 5.5% on average every year. Moreover, North Carolina encourages investment with its lowest corporate income tax rate in the U.S. at 2.5%. Forbes dubbed the state the best for business in 2018.”

To read more in-depth stats on the remaining top ten cities, visit CommercialCafe.

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