Queen City Cost of Living

Of all the big cities in the United States, Charlotte is gaining a reputation for being one of the more affordable locales. But do these rumours actually hold up against other cities? Move.org recently analyzed data from the 75 largest cities in the country to determine where you money goes the furthest. On a scale of one to San Francisco, where does Charlotte rank? 

Charlotte came in squarely in the top third at No. 25. Average monthly expenses are purported to be $2,150. This number comes in slightly under Nashville at $2,192 and just more than Atlanta, $2,142. 

What’s Included? 

So what bills are included in this average monthly expenses number? The breakdown goes: rent on a 1 bedroom apartment, utilities, food, gas, and internet. 

El Paso, Texas came in as the most affordable city with average expenses totaling $1,182. It’s been long known that cities on the West Coast have a much higher cost of living. San Francisco takes the cake on the highest cost of living. You need an average of $4,210 just to get by. A staggering $3,396 of that number will go solely to a one-bedroom apartment. 

To see the full list of average expenses across all 75 cities, visit the Charlotte Business Journal.

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