Queen City Roundup

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Whether you were born and raised here or moved here from somewhere else, there’s no denying it: this city is filled with interesting, influential, and incredible people. Read on to discover content from the city’s top influencers, publications, and most popular blogs. If you’re new here, they’ll help you discover your new digs. Or, if you’ve been here awhile, they’ll help you love our city even more.

Charlotte Five

What to say about Charlotte Five… Think of Charlotte Five as that impossibly connected friend that knows everything about everything. Charlotte Five posts daily on ALL things Charlotte. Special events, pub crawls, business openings, neighborhood spotlights. You name it, Charlotte Five covers it. You can break down posts by neighborhood or even listen to their podcast. It’s probably best to go ahead and subscribe so you can be as in-the-know as your friends. Visit Charlotte Five to subscribe!

Off the Eaten Path

This Charlotte blogger started her food blog only six months after moving to The Queen City. Public defender and blogger Chrissie decided she needed even more of a reason to get out and explore her new city. By combining two of her passions (food and writing), she was able to create one of the foremost food blogs in the city. Her honest reviews and straightforward dialogue connect readers to some of the best restaurants, food trucks, drink patios, and hole-in-the-wall joints in the city. To find your next go-to spot for just about anything, visit Off the Eaten Path!

Fashion Influencers

Charlotte has a little bit of everything. We’re a little bit swanky and a little bit rock and roll, a little bit Southern and a little bit soul. You can see all of those design aesthetics daily just by looking around. There are lots of fashion influencers in the city. Here are just a few you can follow on Instagram:

Rachel Brown @QueenCityChic. Her feed is filled with casual style set against the city’s landmarks. Best part? She encourages you to shop small and local.

Melissa Cantey @melissachanel. This lifestyle and fashion blogger gives you outfit ideas for any day of the week. Her personal aesthetic is so enviable you’ll find yourself wishing you were her best friend.

Vanessa Krombeen Dyer @thecheekybeen. With almost 140,000 followers, Vanessa shows you how to live your very best life… in Charlotte and beyond. Follow her for fashion, fitness, and travel tips.

This list is a mere microcosm of the amazing content being put out there by Charlotte residents. We’d love to hear from you– what’s your favorite Charlotte blog or Instagram account?

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