Should You Go Smaller?

Between tiny houses and giant mansions lies the perfect Goldie Locks house: just the right size. Joshua Becker from the blog becomingminimalist outlines all the reasons why one might enjoy downsizing to a smaller home.

He details the reasons why you should opt for a smaller home but also argues that it will even make you happier!

To start off, Becker writes about why he thinks people buy bigger homes in the first place. From receiving a raise at work to the thought that they’ve outgrown an existing home, Becker’s reasoning run the gamut. His most compelling thought, though, is simply that no one told them not to. He says, “Nobody ever tells them not to. Nobody gives them permission to pursue smaller, rather than larger. Nobody gives them the reasons they may actually be happier in a smaller house.”

The List

After visiting his parents’ newer, smaller home and hearing his mother gush over how happy she was in the space, Becker devised a list of why you’d be happier in a smaller home. Here it is!

  1. Easier to maintain.
  2. Less time spent cleaning.
  3. Less expensive. Smaller homes are less expensive to purchase and less expensive to maintain.
  4. Less debt and less risk. Just because you’re approved for up-to a certain amount doesn’t mean you are chained to that number.
  5. Mentally Freeing. As is the case with all of our possessions, the more we own, the more they own us. Buy small and free your mind.
  6. Less environmental impact. A smaller home requires less resources to build.
  7. More time. Less time in maintenance and cleaning means more time to do other things.
  8. Encourages family bonding. A smaller home results in more social interaction among the members of the family.
  9. Forces you to remove baggage. Moving into a smaller home forces you to intentionally pare down your belongings.
  10. Less temptation to accumulate. If you don’t have any room in your house for more more more, you won’t buy it.
  11. Less decorating. Not everyone loves interior design!
  12. Wider market to sell. By its very definition, a smaller, more affordable house is affordable to a larger percentage of the population than a more expensive, less affordable one.

What do you think? Comment below if you think you’d be happier in a smaller home. Or, if you’re ready to downsize, contact us today! We will help find you your perfect Goldie Locks home.

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