Tips for Your Final Walk-Through

Of all the hoops you have to jump through during the home-buying process, it is perhaps the final walk through that is both anxiety ridden and the easiest thing ever. Other than signing on the dotted line, it’s the last thing you have to do! You can see the light at the end of the… hallway.

The majority of final walk throughs are textbook. They exist so that you can make sure any repairs needed after the inspection have been completed and completed to your standards. If you’re feeling nervous, though, that’s ok. Sometimes the final walk through does reveal a thing or two that needs fixing. Just breathe- these are usually quick fixes!

Make a List

If you do need a way to channel your nervous energy, try making a list of things you definitely want to look at. Make a list of repairs that should have been completed so that you can double check. Check all appliances, plumbing, windows, and outlets. Turn everything on, open everything up, check water pressure. Basically, don’t be shy.

Check Repair Requests

Doubling back and making sure that the repair request you made were actually completed is not rude. You’re spending a lot of money and need to make sure that was agreed upon has been done. From the standpoint of the sellers, their to-do list is also millions of miles long. In theory, it could be very easy for a small repair to slip through the cracks. Asking for invoices or repair receipts is just good business sense and the sellers should happily comply.

What Stays, Stays

In your contract, there will be a list of items that convey with the house. Are the sellers leaving the refrigerator? The range? A particularly interesting light fixture? Go through and make sure those items are indeed still there and haven’t been replaced with something different.

Most importantly, stay calm. This last step in the home buying process is exciting and it means you’re about to move into your dream home. Don’t miss something that needs to be fixed because your excitement clouded your vision. But, it’s still okay to have fun! Up next: moving in!

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